Christmas Traditions

Holiday Traditions featuring LazyOneInc Pajamas

This year has been amazing. I started the path of becoming a micro influencer and never thought that it would take off like it did. I am so grateful for all of you who have supported me this past 7 months! We thank you! But most of all I have to thank my wonderful husband and my sidekicks (my boys) without them I wouldn’t be able to create the content that I have and have grown like I have!  

One of the special perks to all of this is being able to work with amazing companies like @lazyoneinc they have the best “pajama-ramas” as my son calls them out there! We wear them constantly! No joke just the other night someone was taking pictures in my front lawn; I have to be honest our house is ridiculously decorated, and I was wearing my onesie that @lazyoneinc sent me. They both said to me that they loved my PJ’s! I said yeah because they are awesome, warm, and comfy, you have to get some! Classic me!

I live for holiday traditions, and as my boys grow I cannot wait for them to become more active in them. Right now we don’t put our fireplace on because its too dangerous, that said I long for the days where we can sit around drinking hot cocoa in our LazyOneInc Pajamas and read stories. Those days are going to be the best. But for now I will take wearing our PJ’s and cuddling in on our couch and watching HomeAlone.

Be sure to check them out you still have time to order for the holiday! And tag me and @lazyoneinc so we can see the pictures! I have to give a huge shout out to Dave, he has been capturing our moments since late August and has done an amazing job, so big thank you to you Dave!!

Thanks Loves for reading and being apart of this journey!

Happiest of Holidays!