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You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids! Brunch with Sheila B. Jordan

Marissa Bushee5 Comments
You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids!  Brunch with Sheila B. Jordan

Balancing your family and your work life is tough for working parents, especially moms. No matter how much our partners help around the house, there is nothing like a mother’s touch to soothes what ails our little ones. In my home, my little ones seek mommy for kisses on scratched knees or a late-night grilled cheese sandwiches to calm a rumbling tummy. While I try to always be available for my kids, there are times “Mommy” has to give way “Daddy” because I am busy with a work project and I cannot get away from the computer. These instances can be difficult, even heartbreaking at times.

Most parents do not have the luxury to stay home and focus solely raising the kids. Quitting work was not an option for me. Our household needs demanded that both my husband and I work. I have spoken to other moms about this dilemma and many of us feel the same way. Many moms feel guilty about living their kids daily. They have confided in me that they feel like they’re missing out on key aspects of their kid’s lives.

This is why I was so grateful when I found Sheila Jordan’s new book, “You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids: A Positive Perspective on The Working Mom.” Sheila Jordan is a dedicated mother of two and a senior-level tech executive in Silicon Valley. She is currently Chief Information Officer at Symantec and has held SVP positions at Cisco and Walt Disney World. She writes that these positions “demanded that I become adept at juggling roles and responsibilities. Prioritizing, organizing, and directing are part and parcel of every day—at work and at home, very similar to being a working mother.”

Her insights have helped me greatly and they have changed my point of view on many of the situations working moms face. In the book, Sheila writes about her experiences as a working mom and an executive. She explains how she has learned to use her time wisely and how she has stopped feeling guilty because she works.

The book is filled with many anecdotes about how she has been able to maintain a close relationship with her kids while climbing the corporate ladder. Many of the stories she shared reminded me of my own struggles, including a story about a time she dropped her two-year-old daughter off at the babysitter one day. Her daughter started to cry uncontrollably when she tried to leave.

This is had happened to me and frankly it sucked.

I’m sure many of you - like Sheila – have felt horrible in similar situations. Sheila goes on to write about how she stood outside the sitter with mascara running down her face after crying for ten minutes because of her daughter’s reaction. She talks about the feelings of guilt she had about leaving her kids. She talks about how she would feel that other moms were judging her because of her choice. That is until, she decided to cut the nonsense and get real about her situation.

Sheila gives insights on how to not just manage our time between your job and your family but to use that time to the best of your ability. I highly recommend this book to working parents.

While not wanting to give away all the spoilers, a few things I think working moms and dads can get from “You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids: A Positive Perspective on The Working Mom” are:

1. Whatever happens be all in – be that in work or in your kid’s lives.

2. Look for things to let go, rather than take on.

3. Ask for help.

4. Seek the bigger perspective.

5. Treat family time and vacations as sacred.

So go now and check it out on Amazon! So worth it and even for expecting moms!