A Berry Nice Day

Our day started off with a surprise, a rise in temperature that was not summoned nor welcomed.  We went from rain during our Memorial Day Weekend to almost 100 degree temps where I live.  To say that I wasn’t prepared isnt even the tip of the iceberg.  Oh well nothing was going to derail my plan to go blueberry picking with my oldest today.  The baby is just to small to really enjoy it and frankly its too hot.  Not to mention harder to manage when you have two.  Its ok mama’s to have only one with you.  Don’t feel guilty plus it gives him that special time with Mommy and Daddy that he wouldn't get when baby brother is around.  When baby brother is older we will definitely have his special days.

I had been planing this ever since we went cherry picking, to go pick all the other berries and fruits just because its so much fun and as my hubby says “It builds character.” Yeah ok, he’s 3 he may remember but probably not!  Anyways, we went to a wonderful farm in Ripon, California called Jessop Farms.  It is actually a very cute place.  They have tea parties, spaces for kids to play and even a stand to have some ice cream once your all done picking your berries or fruit.  We arrived shortly before 1pm and it was HOT HOT HOT.  I mean it, I got out of the car and I was like oh man don’t think we are prepared for this.  I looked and it was 94 degrees ugh! Alright I told him hubby lets just book it asap.  But oh no this place is oh so cute.  They have a mini golf area, bouncers, lots of things for the kids to play and run around in.  We just happened to come on the hottest day possible.  But of course we had to let Tristian play on something so he went into the jumper, or a petri dish of disease as I call it.  We let him play for only 10 minutes and off we went.

This place not only has Blueberries and Strawberries but also tree gown fruit.  Talk about ingenious, these places don’t need to pay for anyone to pick their fruit they have people do it, and charge them.  I’m in the wrong business.  Back to my story; we started off in the blueberry rows which to be honest I have never picked before there were so many little lizards, he was more focused on that then being interested in picking blueberries.  That changed as soon as daddy showed him how.  I just love how he looks at him, he absolutely adores my husband and vise versa.  As with all parents but these two have a special bond that I cannot describe in words.  I tell my hubby that he stole him from me. 

After we where done picking blueberries we braved that heat as went about 1/2 an acre to where the remaining strawberries were.  My husband went ahead to see if he could find some as the workers there informed us most of the strawberries where picked during the holiday.  Poor planning on my part.  But alas it was Mama that spotted them and brought in the goods. He Kept saying mommy don’t pull the berries, I was like listen here kid let me show you how to pick them.  Together Dad and I showed him how to pick them.  Great learning experience for him to understand that each variety has a special way to pick, and that they are all special much like everyone in this world.  We seriously lasted maybe 15 minutes over there it was just too hot.
We went back to the home base paid for our bounty, ordered ice cream and a ice cold water.  We washed our berries and added them to our ice cream.  The boys even had some time to put in some practice on the putting green. 

We got in the car and came home, picked up little brother and made sure to put the air was on in the house before we arrived.  We ended up making a milkshake for our little ones to much of our surprise our oldest liked.  He is a very picky eater so anything that he eats in the form of a veggie or fruit we will take it.  All in all it was an amazing day.  I encourage you to take your little ones out, picking fruits is one of my favorite things to do.  Whats yours? Be sure to add your answer below!