YASSSSS! Its back to school for my holdest, and I'm doing my happy dance.  But along with back to school comes the reality of getting our little ones ready and with two under 4 this can be quite the cardio workout.  Recently I wrote about my son dressing himself; well along with dressing himself comes putting on your shoes, right?  Well as we know what parent especially one with two toddlers wants to deal with laces. Enter Kurkside.  Moms you're with me tell me you can't wait for the day that your kid doesn't say: "MOM! Help me with my shoes." Wouldn't that be a dream? Well I am first to admit that we, mainly my husband often coddle our oldest, the child we refer fondly as our trail by error kid.  He has been spoiled, late in talking because we didn't make him, picky eater because we didn't make him eat stuff he didn't like; just anything and everything he was late doing.  Well not anymore.

Since the birth of my youngest child my oldest really has had to well what I say, "figure it out." Thankfully our friends at Kurkside must have heeded Tristian's call and sent him and his little bro some awesome shoes.  What's so great about Kurkside? Well glad you asked.  Kurkside is really about the parent as much as the child.  They have designed children's shoes to be easy for our little ones to "do it myself." My son absolutely loves them and with his hipster personality the high top Barca, is perfect for him.  They have Velcro so they don't need to be laced (winning) and they open up quite wide so it's easy for him to put his shoes on. He honestly does it so fast sometimes I think he's lying he has them on, but no, they are so easy for him he puts them on within seconds.  Tallons sweet Covell style are perfect for those kiddos 18-24 months.  The two strap velcro design makes it effortless for us parents to slip on and off, since we know how those little ones can get; this is a great feature.

Heres something else super exciting as of today they are launching their new website ( and are now offering $3 FLAT RATE shipping no matter how many shoes you buy (winning again).  Also Kurkside is all about the community and have installed a "Giveback Program".  After you register at checkout you will be able to put in your child's school zip code and name and at the end of the year they will send a donation to that school!  How amazing is that.  You're going to purchase shoes for your little ones anyways why not get a cool, comfy, well made, quality shoe thats easy to put on from Kurkside and help out your child's school to boot! No pun intended, well maybe.  Honestly, they are just a get company I have had an amazing time getting to know them and all the great work they are doing, plus the shoes are quality shoes.  I promise Kurkside will make any parents lives just a little easier.

Be sure to check out kurkside at and on IG: @kurkside

Make sure to use #kurkside #kurksidekids and #ambusheedwithboys we want to see your new kicks.

Special thanks to Kati from Xilophotography for shooting these two wild boys, the images came out amazing.  For an amazing bay area photographer please contact her, you can find her on IG @xilophotography 

Oh and fun fact my littlest hurled on his clothes that he was going to wear for this shoot in the car ride! #momlife.