DockATot: This Mom's honest review

Okay so how did I live without this all these years. Forget all those other co-sleeper brands, they do not come close to this one. It’s in this mother’s opinion, the others are no competition. The DockATot Grand is a must have for all tots. Why? Well it’s comfy, easy to use, travels well, safe and I promise that your kiddos will love it.

The design makes any tot feel secure, snuggled is what I say. Plus it gives me peace of mind when the little one is napping. The shorts he’s wearing in the photos are actually swimming shorts that he had on (we were in our kiddie pool). We came in from swimming and this kid went straight for his DockATot Grand. He grabbed a book and laid out to relax. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief. He has never been so quick to lay down. He loves it. He will take it out from his toddler bed and put it on the ground and he’ll lounge on it. 

Alright I know what you’re going to say super moms, maybe that’s a normal thing but for this full time working mom of two high energy toddler boys, this isn’t my norm. The only way I know how to describe the emotion that I feel is to relate it to the question when people ask if you believe in Miracles. Well I do, and it comes in the form of a DockATot Grand.

Some of you may not even have know that the DockATot Grand is actually for toddlers too! “The DockATot Grand makes for a comfortable and snug sleep area for children ages 9-36 months.”So toddler moms you can use this version so many months to come!

My little one loves it and yours will too! So go check it out at; they have a large variation of prints and accessories. What print are you getting?

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Happy Sleeping Everyone!