Museum Of Ice Cream

So I decided to take the boys to the Museum of Ice Cream, for my birthday.  Why?  Because lets be real here guys the photos are instagram worthy.  So we went at 11am to see it.  Tickets for people 3 totaled close to $140 with taxes, so you better really want to go. You stand in line and enter on your time period. 

When you enter the first thing you see is the giant sign welcoming you into the museum, which isn’t really a museum more of an art installation.  You get a scoop of ice cream and move on to the swing rooms as I call them.  Where you swing and take a picture.  Then you get two minutes in the sprinkle pool.  That part is disappointing since everyone wants to take pictures they should give each group that comes together 2 minutes alone to take pictures.  You then get directed to the rooms below, at least in the SF location, where you enter different rooms, think charlie and chocolate factory. One room is dedicated to cotton candy and cherries, another is a fifties diner, with soft serve mini size screams.  So fun!  Theres even a room with unicorns and popsicles the last room was dedicated to machi and mint!  Its a great place to go but with two small ones I don’t recommend it.  If you have kids over the age of three its ideal, but non the less the photos do come out amazing.