Finally Doctor Appointments in Minutes for Parents Who Don’t Have Hours to Waste

Finally Doctor Appointments in Minutes for Parents Who Don’t Have Hours to Waste

Being a full time working parent can be really tough, especially if you aren’t close to your family. Everyday tasks like going to the grocery store, picking up your kids from school, and finding someone to watch them on a Saturday night can take up a lot of time and energy. 

Add to that surviving one of the worst cold and flu seasons, and you’ve got a mini crisis on your hands. And, as any parent knows, when your child gets sick, you get sick too. How can you take care of your family when you can’t even take care of yourself?

Thankfully, if you live in the surrounding Bay Area, there's a lifeline for your family called Carbon Health. Carbon Health is a technology-enabled healthcare provider that helps you with all your healthcare needs on one easy to use platform. You simply download the app, input your health insurance info and you’re ready to make an appointment in a matter of minutes. 

A huge benefit of the app is that it allows you to see available appointment times so you can tailor it to fit your schedule. The pre-visit screening allows the doctors to be fully aware of what your concerns are and as a mom this is priceless to me. I recently had a mean flu, and my son Tristian caught it too. I was able to book an Urgent Care appointment on the same day and have a doctor see both of us at the same time. 

On my visit to Carbon Health’s San Francisco location, I was blown away by the friendliness of their staff, their modern office and technology. In the waiting room for our checkup, it even had our name on the TV screen. It felt super personalized and to top it off, the blood pressure cup had no cords attached! Goodbye gag-stick of the past, hello thermometer placed on my son’s forehead. These simple technology changes made all the difference, and now doctors appointments are no longer things my kids dread.

Carbon Health describes itself as: “Combining technology with modern clinics, it delivers a uniquely seamless experience from virtual care to in-person care to meet patients where they are.”


Carbon Health definitely made my life easier and more manageable. I love that I can access all my medical records on the app, and I can easily share my son’s urgent care records with my primary care general practitioner or his pediatrician. What parent hasn’t been asked a million times for their children’s immunization records? You can spend all day trying to hunt down the paperwork, and then you’re making calls to doctors’ offices multiple times just to get your hands on them. It feels great to have this information at my fingertips! It literally gives me hours of my life back. 

Check out my highlights to see more on Carbon Health and more of our visit there. And please be sure to visit them at: and check them out on Instagram: @carbonhealth